by The Enemy Lovers

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released February 12, 2009



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Track Name: Coming Down
I know what you said but I also know you're lying
If you want me to stop then just tell me
And I won't ask again

We walked a hundred blocks until we got to the core
In New York the big apple and we found what
Was eating us inside

How long
Baby I want you tonight
How long
Can we keep this inside

I'm punching holes in the walls that would keep us apart
I'm punching holes in the walls that would keep us apart
Tonight Tonight Tonight

Somehow we've become just a shadow of ourselves
And all our defining lines have turned black
Like shapes of a silhouette

Try to stay up but we're coming down
Try to stay up but we're coming down
Try to stay up but we're coming down
Try to stay up but we're coming down

Wait now I don't know if you go out if you'll ever
Come back just stay here now and I promise
We'll live forever
Track Name: Feel It
I used to sing a song
When I was young
But now I'm looking for a new one

I just want to sing along
But everyone moved on
I'm afraid I can't keep up with this evolution

I want to feel it in my bones
I want to feel it in my soul
Get the feeling back
I want to feel it in my bones
And just lose control
Get the feeling back

I was trying to get in
While you we're leaving
I said hey where are you going

Everything is changing
And I don't feel a thing
I'm afraid I'm being left behind in this situation

I just had a taste
Don't want to hesitate no
To get the timing
Of a song I can sing
Now I'm looking for a new one
Track Name: Enemies
It all disappeared right in front of our face
Everything changed even the memories
Tragedy is we didn't know what to say
We try not to feel guilty as we walk away

It's so hard watching lovers turn into enemies
When the pictures remind us of how it used to be
Her hearts breaking harder or just differently
And the feeling they show like a sun shining cold

It happened so slow like water wears a stone
It's gets ignored every time we're hanging up the phone
But the hard feelings grow this much we've know
Everything small in time grows way out of proportion

You can make me so angry
You can make me sad
the one that makes me happy
Got to remember that
I don't want the passing time push us around
I don't want to let love forget us now
Track Name: Scale Your Walls
Won't you take me off your back
I don't want to be your burden anymore
Won't you come out from under me
I don't want to make you my crutch anymore

I could scale your walls and get in your head
But I probably would just make a mess
So here I wait until we can be together again

All the things we said and did
Don't tell me that there's nothing left

You once told me it make you glad
We don't have to be in the shadows anymore
We could come out because we were safe
If only just when we were together

All the things we said and did don't tell me this is where it ends
Track Name: Circles
Now that we know
We can't forget
Even though
We can't explain it
And it's a broken night
It's such a dark
Window of time
But this is all we've got

And we're running in circles trying to free our shoulders
From the weights that hold our head down
And we knew we could fly if we caught the wind just right
And thats the reason why we'll find our way out
We'll find our way out

I'm one of those
That finally sees the light
When darkness falls
Just hope there's enough time
Is there enough time

Lift your head and look up again
Grab a hold of hope and then
Hold on hold on don't let it get away
Track Name: Strong Man
I run to you without strength
All of this I can't restrain
I have been a strong man
Now I'm weak

I made it here but I don't
Think I can go on no
Everyday gets harder now
Hope keeps slipping out

I'm afraid
I don't know
Where to go
From here

Nothing here is ever
As good as I remember
It's hard to remember
It's never as bad

This is not about the fact
That I know how I should react
To this time in my life
I just don't feel the strength for that

I'm afraid
I'm afraid
I'm afraid
I'm afraid

Tell me someone saves me
Tell me someone's coming